Please Go Through Everything Before your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

In short

I help mothers who are going through or have gone through divorce to process their grief and other emotions that are recurrent in this situation. I support them in reviving self-love, building a brand new life and, if they want, attracting true love. I also give tools for them to be able to help their children with their emotions.


Divorce can be a very traumatizing experience. I have gone through it and it took me a lot of time to find the tools that helped me and my son to navigate this challenging time and build the foundations for our new life. I know from experience that family and friends are often not enough to rely on in this situation. They struggle with their own emotions and it neither helps to process ours nor does it bring clarity on our next steps.


What will you do to process your grief and stop feeling like a pressure cooker ready to explode everytime the lid isn’t open properly? Well, first thing, you will connect with yourself, listen, accept and truly live and express your emotions. This is not about cracking up from time to time when « too much is too much », which we all do, in presence of our children, our ex, or someone else.

This is about a consistent practice of expressing sadness and anger (which are often the main ones to deal with) for yourself, to free the path for the one we would like to feel more often: joy. When anger and sadness are repressed in our body, joy can simply not manifest.

Secondly, you will rebuild your self-love and become your own Best Friend. You will stop any negative self-talk and acknowledge your own greatness.

Then, you will be able to extend love and support to your children from a powerful place, learning them how to process their emotions, depending on their age.

Finally, you will connect to your deepest desires and yearnings to build the lifestyle, habits and hobbies that will set the foundations for your new life. And, if you wish to do so, you’ll learn to decode your barriers to love, clarify what you want in a relationship and why you want it, as well as learn the tools of powerful visualizations and other ways of showing up to attract true love.


I will share with you all the tools I learned throughout my own journey that helped me to navigate my divorce and attract my new life. Today, I am very close to my teenage son who is able to name and understand his feelings in a powerful way. I am also in a happy relationship with my new partner.

We will work together to set the foundations of your New You, divorce being always a catalyst for change, as well as help your children to adapt to the new dynamic in the best way possible. I will show you practical ways of implementing the tools in the daily life, my goal is to empower you to feel relief and clarity « at your fingertips ». And true love would be a cherry on the cake 🙂

2. What can I expect from the call?

We will discuss your current situation and what you would like to achieve to make it better. From there, we will be able to determine if this program is a good fit for you to reach your goal and even if it’s not, I will still point you in the direction of resources that will help you.

3. Who is Ekaterina Koretskaia?
Ekaterina was attracted by the self-help area throughout her personal experience of going through a divorce, being a single mom, building a new life and trying to believe in love again. She refused to be a victim of the circumstances and decided to take responsibility for her relationships and happiness, which led her to approach her divorce like a catalyst for change that happened for a reason. Her investigative nature made her search for effective tools to go through all these challenges during several years, to process her emotions, the emotions of her son and understand how she was co-creating her reality of being a sort of a magnet for toxic relationships. The discoveries she made have generated a massive transformation in all areas of her life – in her role as a mother, in her relationships with family, friends, men, and even at work. She learned how to put sound boundaries, process her emotions as an ultimate act of self-love, coach her son to do the same and attract healthy relationships.

Her willingness to help other women to do the same and never give up on themselves, finding self-love and true love, made her become a coach in the area of relationships, after a career of 15 years as a manager-coach in the corporate world. Ekaterina is offering tools of releasing emotions to mothers going or having gone through a divorce, helping them support their children to process their emotions as well, and build a brilliant new life. She uses the Feminine Power coaching principles*, as well as tools like EFT and others that she discovered through her own journey, with concrete and effective guidance for implementing them in daily life.

Ekaterina is a happy mother of a teenager, is in a beautiful relationship with her new partner and loves writing, drawing, hiking and traveling. In 2020 she participated in a collaborative book project along with several other coaches.

*Created by Dr. Claire Zammit