A Mother’s Best Friend: From Divorce to Finding True Love

The Magic of Expressing Emotions for You (and Your Kids) to Move on to a Brand New Love Life

Who Am I?


I attracted toxic relationships since I was a child, until a moment in my life when I decided to take responsibility and discover why.

For the toxic friend and boss, I escaped the situations without completely processing and understanding them, so I attracted the same type of husband. When I figured out that divorce was the only solution, this time I decided to pause and investigate. This journey made me discover my « I am not enough » pattern and learn powerful tools to process emotions and heal. All of a sudden, I was living in a different world: a world where I was in the center of my life, had choices, was able to put boundaries and attract healthy relationships. Today I am a happy mother of a teenager and am in a beautiful relationship with my new partner. I cannot not share my learnings with women who face the same challenges!

Ekaterina is also fluent in French and Russian.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

  • If you are a working mother and you are struggling due to the effects of a divorce or long-term relationship breakup, then this program is for you.
  • The goal of the program is to help you to connect with your emotions, accept and express them to process grief in a healthy way and restore self-love.
  • It will help your children to process their emotions as well.
  • You will reconnect with yourself and build a new life from there.

Who It Is Not For?

  • If you are not willing to discover new ways of showing up, then this is not for you.
  • If you want to stay stuck in the blame game, then this program won’t work for you.
  • There is no specific legal or financial advice given during the program.
Module One

Clear Your Emotional Baggage


  • Understand the grieving process
  • Release false beliefs about emotions
  • Identify your emotions and express them in a powerful way which brings relief
  • Learn tools that can help you start each day with a clear mind


Divorce is emotionally overwhelming and often we feel several emotions at once without knowing what to do with them. You are not alone. Understanding the stages of the grief and being able to identify your emotions without judging them will help you to navigate the situation with more serenity.

Unlock any false belief about emotions, recognize the top 3 emotions that are troubling you often through divorce, connect with them, and create the steps to clear them. Learn tools that can help you start each day with a clear mind, as well as calm down whatever happens.

Module TWO

Revive Self-Love Again


  • Rescript your own story by using a powerful emotion clearing technique that will restore your self-love within 5 minutes each day
  • Create a positive self-talk and a circle of appreciation that will help you recognize and acknowledge your awesomeness in a way that will keep you uplifted
  • Create new neural pathways to overwrite the old story around self-love


We often lose the sense of self in relationships as we put the needs of our family first. Understand why being the center of your life is important (for you and for your children!). Build a loving and supporting relationship with yourself to set a solid foundation for your new life and be able to love your children. Get aware of and neutralize negative self-talk and acknowledge your greatness. 

Learn tools to forgive and accept yourself where you are to be able to move forward with confidence. Anchor your learnings and create new neural pathways by overwriting the old story around self-love, meditating on new self-love statements and tracking your progress by journaling about your discoveries.

Module Three

Make It a Powerful Transition for Your Children


  • Clear the emotional baggage of your children regarding this new family situation, so that they can adapt faster and talk easier about it
  • Help you recognize what is that your child is going through (disorientation, struggling with a conflict of loyalties,…) and when your child is taking up a role that is not adequate for him (messenger between the parents, comforter, ,…)


Children feel free to express their emotions only when they see you expressing yours.

Now that you cleared your emotional baggage and reconnected with self-love again, you can extend your love and help your children to process their emotions generated by this new family dynamic. 

Learn how to adapt tools you used for yourself to your kids depending on their age, to ease the atmosphere at home and talk calmly about the situation. Understand what are the traps in which children often fall to avoid them (feeling of guilt, parents’ consolation, messenger between the parents,…).

Module Four

Foundations for the New You


  • Clarify where you are in 8 areas of your life
  • Set up your 1-2 areas of focus that you want to improve in the next 3-6 months
  • Scripts and strategies that will help you to set the foundations of your new life and set healthy boundaries at home, with family and at work


Acknowledge your values as a roadmap to peace and joy. What type of mother do you want to be? What is the level of fulfillment you await from your work? Who are the people you wish to be surrounded with? Are you willing to meet a new partner? Are you drawn to spirituality or creativity? Identify the areas you want to work on to align with your values and dreams.

Create the rhythm, lifestyle, habits and discover new activities that will completely set the foundations for the New You. Doing that, set healthy boundaries at home, with family and at work.

Module Five

It’s Time to Believe in Love Again and Get Unstuck


  • Identify your top 2 patterns in relationships to be able to transform them
  • Create an antidote Power statement based on your patterns
  • Elaborate new structures and ways of showing up aligned with this Power statement


Connect to your younger self to identify your limiting beliefs/repeating patterns in love relationships and where they come from. Bring them all the wisdom of your adult self and reframe the old meanings to access the deeper truth about what is possible for you in the area of love. Identify what were your behaviors to adapt to your familial, social and cultural environment and understand how they limit your life today.

Craft an antidote Power statement based on your patterns and start cultivating new beliefs about what’s possible for you in this area and new ways of showing up that align with these Power statement and new beliefs.

Module Six

What Do You Want in Love and How to Attract It


  • Clarify what you want in relationships and why you want it
  • Connect to your intuition and learn to tell the difference between intuition and fear
  • Learn to partner with the Universe to make the space for the miracle of true love to occur
  • Master the power of visualizations, being connected to your Power center and through feeling targeted emotions in your body


The Universe cannot bring us the right partner if we don’t know what we really value in relationships. Gain clarity about what you want in a relationship and why you want it. Identify your fears about love and elaborate antidotes. 

Connect to the support of your intuition and of the Universe to become a powerful co-creator of your love life by showing up in new ways. Master the power of visualization from a resourceful, emotional center and attract love in divine timing.

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